Heather's Waitsburg RR
Heather's Criterium

Tour of Walla Walla – Criterium

Img_0229Uhl in Eagle, ID – Today I was on the sidelines rooting Hugo, Ted and Heather on while they raced. In a stage race you cannot start the next stage if you don't finish the prior stage so no criterium for me...not that I'd want to, anyway. I actually felt worse this morning than I did yesterday, so I was glad I wasn't racing. I need some serious recovery time to get out of this hole. But it was fun watching the others race.

Heather had a slow start to her race as she was at the back for the first few laps. She didn't look too good and I was worried she'd get dropped. But eventually she moved up to the front and tried going for a prime (but missed it). Img_0233_3In the final sprint she did OK with a top ten. She was at the front through the second to last corner, but someone took a terrible line forcing her (and some other riders) to brake. Bummer! But she still ended up getting 5th overall for the stage race.

We stayed for part of the men's criterium and Hugo was right there in the top 10 riders the whole time we watched. I knew he was looking kind of smug before his race! Ted was also up there and seemed to be comfortable in the pack.

While we didn't see the last half play out, Remi M. won it with Matt W. second and Tim R. fourth...talk about Boise representation! Add to that list Sam J. with 3rd overall and Justin R. with 4th, and you can see why even though the field sizes are small here in Boise, the racing is so tough! Boise's got some great talent for the size of town it is. No wonder I find it hard to break top-5 in the local races! Hugo and Ted finished with the main pack. Overall Ted was 32nd and Hugo was 54th.

Img_0234I was a little depressed for dropping out; I don't usually quit races, but as bad as I was feeling all week, I figured I'd better cut my losses and live to race another day. My plan is to take a number of super-easy days then try something hard maybe on Thursday or Friday. Then hopefully my power will return for Emmett-Roubaix, the final race in the George's series.

Here are the full results for all the stages of the Tour of Walla Walla: