Track Nationals Scratch Race
Track Nationals Team Pursuit

Track Nationals Points Race

Img_0461Heather in Los Angeles, CA – There were 22 of us who started. I started on the rail. We rolled out for the neutral lap and the race started. We were crawling the first few laps. I was really scared that I would fall off. Megan Hottman attacked and stayed off to win the sprint with 90 laps to go, Becky Quinn 2nd, Neva Day 3rd, Shelly Olds 4th. We were going slow again, so attacked with two to go for the sprint at 80 laps to go. Becky nipped me at the line, I was 2nd, Cassandra Holman 3rd, Theresa Cliff-Ryan 4th. There were several attacks. I was not in good position and found myself chasing, off wheels for a while. The sprint with 70 laps to go saw Theresa 1st, Becky 2nd, Christen King 3rd, Cassandra 4th. The sprint with 60 laps to go saw Kelli Jones 1st, Bri Kovac 2nd, Jennifer Triplet 3rd, Shelly Olds 4th.

The sprint with 50 laps to go saw Catherine Fiedler 1st, Becky 2nd, Cassandra 3rd, Theresa 4th. There was a lull I attacked hard with Katherine Lundby on my wheel. The pack was looking at each other and didn't respond. I rotated with Katherine two times and she was weaker than I was. I realized we would lap the field and I pulled for three or four laps by myself to make sure it would happen. We had the sprint lap at 40 laps to go I won, Katherine 2nd, Catherine 3rd, Shelly 4th. Shortly after that sprint I was trying to catch the field. There were women getting dropped because they picked up the pace for the sprint. One woman was going slower than I expected and I tried to go under her and ended up riding on the blue line to get by her. I got a warning for that. The sprint with 30 to go saw Bri 1st, Catherine 2nd, Becky 3rd, and Cassandra 4th. I attacked again and was off with another rider for several laps, but we didn't rotate well and were absorbed.

Img_0479The sprint with 20 laps to go saw Christen 1st, Becky 2nd, Catherine 3rd, Theresa 4th. The sprint at 10 to go saw Becky 1st, Shelly 2nd, Christen 3rd, Catherine 4th; I was 5th but NO points. There was an attack with 8 laps to go. I went up to cover it and then the pack caught us. I was blown and could not contend the final sprint Becky 1st, Shelly 2nd, Cassandra 3rd, Neva 4th. Becky won by 1 point (OUCH!) (29 pts), me 2nd (28 pts), Katherine 3rd (23 pts), Catherine 4th (19 pts), Shelly Olds 5th (9 pts). I cooled down for 10 min on the rollers before the awards ceremony.