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First Mt Bike Ride of Year

IMG_1648Uhl in Eagle, ID – Since I've been focusing on road racing these last few years I haven't been mountain biking much. But now that the road season is almost over, I decided to join a couple co-workers of mine for a lunch time mountain bike ride. We headed out from the old ProClarity building and rode the Military Reserve trails. We climbed up trail 25 then 20, then continued upward and did Shane's Loop.

IMG_1649Then we had fun coming back down and headed back to work (bummer)! I rode with my Garmin Edge 705 so I was able to download the ride. While I don't have a power meter on my mountain bike, it's nice to have at least some stats of the ride. You get a map of the ride along with speed and heart rate data. Although, since I had the Garmin in my hydration pack it crapped out a few times. Here are the details of my ride.

Looking back at my training diary I realized that today was the first time I rode my mountain bike all year! But it's almost fall, so that means more rides like these and maybe a few epics...one of these weekends I'd like to do 8th Street, Ridge Road to Bogus, Eastside, Sweet Connie.