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My first name is pronounced "yule" and Albert is indeed my last name (people have the tendency to swap them). Heather and I are both competitive cyclists and we live in Eagle, Idaho. Heather used to race professionally and some of her notable results are a silver medal at the 1997 US National Championships road race, a stage win at the 1997 HP International Women's Challenge and winning the 2002 edition of the Tour de 'Toona by over 8 minutes!

I've been racing more years than I care to admit and without much genetic potential, I've become a Category 2 road racer through hard work and perseverance. The fact that I've been training with a power meter since 2002 also helps. I'm a big advocate of training with power and like to keep tabs on the latest developments in this area.


training with wattage, human factors engineering, user experience., mountain biking, usability, road cycling, running