Long One

Tabata's are Hard

2008-07-12CropUhl in Eagle, ID – After a week of recovery then a couple aborted workouts I was finally able to get a couple good sets of Level 6 intervals in. I did one set of Tabata's and then rode for twenty minutes. Then did a set of 30 seconds on, 90 seconds off, L6 intervals.

2008-07-12TabataBoth were tough but the Tabata's win the pain contest, hands down! Basically you sprint all out for 20 seconds, then rest for 10...and repeat six times. I've seen some protocols calling for seven reps, but six seems fine to me. I did my first set back on July 2 and all but one of my "sprints" were better this time around.

The 30:90's are much more doable yet I still suffered through the last four of my 8 rep set. With a good amount of Tempo thrown in before and after the intervals, the workout ended up being pretty high-intensity, as you can see from the stats. The intervals don't really fit into my usual interval graph, so I had to create a couple new charts. Since I don't plan to do these that often, I won't be taking the time to create a separate L6 interval tab in my Excel-based training diary. So for now these charts will have to do.