Beautiful Ride
Two Tabatas

Another Gorgeous Day

2008-09-14Crop Uhl in Eagle, ID – I rode up Bogus Basin Road today and did a couple wimpy 2x20 LT intervals. Power wasn't that great but it was the perfect day to ride Bogus. The temp got cooler as I climbed and it was super clear out so you could see for miles. I rode to the 6,000 ft sign then turned around and headed into town for some water. There was a lot of commotion in the Northend as the Hyde Park Street Fair was going on.

After my stop, I headed home on Hill Road. I had to fight a stiff headwind, but it gave me some more solid tempo work. On Old Horseshoe Bend Road I noticed a lot of activity by the Idaho Velodrome & Cycling Park so I went to check it out. I totally forgot but today was Trailapalooza. A band was playing and a lot of people were milling about, most with mountain bikes. I'm sure I looked out of place in my bright lycra and road bike! It was another good ride but my legs are in need of a couple easy days.