First MAP Test of the Season
LT Work

Thanksgiving VO2s

Click to view intervals Uhl in Eagle, ID – With the turkey-fest scheduled for 3:00 PM at a friends house, I wanted to get in a solid workout so I'd be good and hungry. I got on the rollers late morning and when my power was good from the get-go, I decided to do some VO2s. I did my usual 20-minute warm-up with a 5-minute push in the middle to get the legs primed. Then I launched into a the first interval.

I wanted to do a few 5-minute VO2s in the 320–330 range. The first one felt hard. Even in the first few minutes I was rationalizing shortening the next reps. But the second one didn't seem as hard so I went all the way to five minutes. I continued on until I completed five full reps...also known as 5x5s. I even kicked it up a notch on the last one. They were tough but it felt good. After a few minutes of easy spinning I switched to tempo mode. I did a few pushes here to keep it interesting. I ended up cranking out 178 TSS in 2:15 and burned 1,800 calories...sweet! Let me at that turkey and stuffing!!!