Time for a New Receiver?

MAP Test Redux

Click to view intervalsUhl in Eagle, ID – I was feeling frisky this morning so I decided to redo the MAP test I did last week. My warm-up was more in line with my standard protocol and my legs felt good during the pushes. The MAP test went well, hitting 406 watts for the final minute. Two weeks ago I only hit 398 watts, and my best ever was 411 watts back in May, so I'm pretty happy with today's result.

2009-01-17MAPAfter the test I tried to do some VO2s but my legs would have none of it. Looking at my workout in WKO+, it looks like I started the VO2 only two minutes after going to failure on the MAP. For some reason I thought it was five minutes, so no wonder it hurt so much! Shows you how dull your brain becomes when you max yourself out! Either way, I decided to bag the VO2s and do LT work instead. I ended up doing a solid set of 2x20s giving me a nice 1:36 minute workout at .91 intensity factor.