Long Weekend in Saint George
Emmett–Horseshoe Bend

Outside in Boise

Uhl in Eagle, ID – Today was the first time I've ridden outside here in Boise, since November. The temperature was in the high 40's by early afternoon so I ditched work early and got a ride in. I just did an hour and a half of tempo, without any structured intervals. I didn't want to go any harder since we have a nice team ride planned for tomorrow. Even so, I managed to keep it in the upper end of tempo with a normalized power (NP) of 255. I've kept my workouts short since we got back from our trip to St George, but I think I still feel some residual fatigue in my legs. We'll see how tomorrow goes. The plan is to do the Emmett–Horseshoe Bend loop, which is my favorite local ride.