Springtime EHB

EHB on the Down Low

Click to view intervals Uhl in Eagle, ID – With Daylight Saving Time in effect, I was able to do an impromptu Emmett–Horseshoe Bend loop after work. This week I’ve been forcing myself to ride easy, but ride longer. Today I started out a bit hard doing my usual high-tempo up Hwy 16, but eased up through Emmett and restrained myself through Black Canyon.

I started up the hill at a slow pace but ended up pushing it towards the top…seems that my body just likes to suffer up that hill! But I still managed to keep it fairly tame with a sub-threshold wattage of 265. And finally, there wasn’t a headwind! I was worried about traffic at that time on Hwy 55 but was surprised at how little there was. I guess all the commuters were already home. At the end it was a good ride, even though my legs felt it, it wasn’t a total killer. Weather is looking good so I plan to do it again on Friday.