Two Days to Race, Two LTs
EHB on the Down Low


2009-03-15Crop Uhl in Eagle, ID – So that didn’t go as I’d hoped! Multiple factors contributed to my downfall today but the biggest one was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Got dropped within the first 15 minutes of the first race of the year! Oh well. I was really bummed as I was time-trialing while I watched the pack ride away from me, thinking that it was all my leg’s fault.

2009-03-15MMPWell fortunately I rode with my PowerTap and was able analyze my power data when I got home. One TrainingPeaks WKO+ chart I like to look at is my Mean Maximal Power (MMP) for a ride versus my all-time best. How close the solid yellow line comes to the dotted line is how close I came to breaking a personal best for that duration.

In this case, the graphs come awfully close together in the 1.5–2 minute range. Looking at the details, I was only 4% off of my best 1min 43second effort…ever! And that PR was achieved mid-season in 2005, one of my best years.

So no reason to be bummed, at least not about my power. Of course, that meant that the real mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is: On the left side and towards the back of the pack when we turned onto Pleasant Valley.

IMG_2088I at least made a workout of it and did a hard 30-minute LT effort chasing in hopes that maybe there’d be a lull at the front and I’d catch. But once I got back to Cole, with the pack out of sight, I decided to cut my losses and call it a day. First race of the year, first DNF of the year. But at least from this point, it can only get better, right!?