Two in a Row
Tuesday EHB

Chicken Dinner

Uhl in Eagle, ID – Whew! That was a tough one. After getting dropped on the hill and chasing back on a couple times, then cramping hard during the third (or was it fourth?) lap, I managed to finish another hard race. The hill on Perch is a killer and that comes right after the hill on Deer Flat. I’m not in climbing shape yet so it felt super hard. My biggest accomplishment was chasing back on, by myself, after falling off the lead group the first time up the hill. I had to really hammer to catch them. But we were eventually caught by a good-sized chase group so the pack was over dozen again. Then I cramped hard a couple laps later and mostly rode solo to the finish. But on a course like this, just finishing is an accomplishment. Five times up that hill was brutal!

Results on Spondoro: