Long Cold One
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Cold, Windy VO2s

Click to view intervals Uhl in Eagle, ID – Even thought it’s now April, the weather still feels like winter. It was sunny most of the day and looked warm outside, but it barely got into the mid-40s. I wanted to get some VO2 work in so I headed outside anyway and did a set of 5x5 minute VO2s. With intersections, right-hand turns and some ups and downs, they were more variable than when I do them indoors, but that’s part of specificity…I don’t race on rollers. In the end, my average wattage across the set was pretty good. After a few minutes recovery I cruised at mid-tempo pace and met up with Dan for the ride back home. The sun had given way to high clouds so I was pretty cold by the time I got home. But a solid workout nonetheless.