Birds of Prey
Short VO2s

Monday EHB

Click to view intervalIMG_2221Uhl in Eagle, ID – I wanted back-to-back hard days so this evening I did an Emmett–Horseshoe Bend loop with Kurt. The weather was warm and I was finally able to ride with just arm- and knee-warmers. We had a kicking tailwind up Hwy 16 which made that go by quickly.

We had a little bit of a headwind through Black Canyon but that was okay; I wanted it to be somewhat of a workout, so I ended up pushing tempo most of the time. We stopped at the Chevron then headed up the hill.

IMG_2226 I did a low-end LT interval up it (as I typically do) and then double-backed to catch-up with Kurt. We rode up the remainder of the hill at a easy pace, chatting most of the way. Had fun on the downhill back into Eagle. It was a nice ride, and we got a taste of what spring should feel like.