Cub Scouts Tour of Fire Station

FiretruckUhl in Boise, ID - Heather does an awesome job of organizing cool activities for our cub scout pack. We are over the Bear Den but sometimes we combine dens so all the Cub Scouts (Wolves, Bears and Webelos) can participate in something like this. Today we took a tour of the Eagle Fire Department. They have a really nice station if it's any consolation for the tough job they have. From the outside the building doesn't look so large, but once you see how many trucks are inside the garage, it's impressive. They had this really old fire truck that was really cool looking.

Firegear The kids liked hopping in and out of the bigger trucks. The fire fighters are supposed to be dressed in all fire gear and ready to go within 60 seconds of an alarm. For fun, they had a volunteer from our scout group attempt to get dressed that fast. Well he managed to get everything on but took over a minute. I think there was a major size disadvantage!